Can Wet Camping be Fun?

If you want to do camping in the rain, then you should make sure to check the weather forecast, so you can prepare properly. Apart from this, also choose a strong tent that can handle the impact.

Camping in the rain is not an easy task and there are many things that you need to take care of to get a better experience. Though if you do everything, then you will have an amazing time but you must be prepared to handle and deal with different situations. Carry all the essentials and make sure to keep everything organized, so you can easily access things when you need them.

So if you are planning to camp in the rain, then this article is very beneficial for you. In this article, you will get the best tips for camping in the rain. These tips will help you camp more effectively and help you get a better camping experience. So if this sounds useful, then stick to this article.

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1- Use Waterproof Bags

One of the most important things that you should take care of is using a waterproof bag to keep all of your essentials. When you are camping in the rain, you should take proper measures to protect your essentials from moisture.

However, most hiking backpacks come with water-resistant capabilities but they don’t protect your stuff completely. That’s why you should not rely on them, especially when you are visiting an area with heavy rainfall.

To protect your essentials such as sleeping bags, electronics, clothes, and foods, you must use an additional waterproof bag to maximize the protection. Though you also can use dry bags or plastic trash bags. Just make sure to use something to prevent your stuff from rain.

When I was on the West Coast Trail (A Famous Trail in Canada) I brought along with all the other essential camping gear, a few regular black garbage bags for the sole purpose of keeping the essentials dry. We booked the Trail in the Fall (Autumn) and on the west coast, it can be a very cold and wet part of the year.

Every waking moment when walking the trail was a wet experience. We were drenched all day until the end of the days. At that time, we could finally take off the wet clothing and for the first time, every day, feel some dry clothing. A transportive experience and one that should not be taken lightly.

The only reason we could do that is because I wrapped our evening attire in these garbage bags, double wrapped. There is nothing more satisfying in this circumstance than putting on warm dry clothing to make you feel human. 

How much do 2 or 3 black garbage bags weigh? Nothing in comparison to the benefits. Don’t forget these precious essentials. You’ll thank me for this advice.


2- Check Weather Before Going

As mentioned about you must check the weather forecast before going camping. This way you will be able to execute things properly. You will have an idea when the rainfall is more likely to happen, so you can pitch a tent and arrange your food when everything is dry. Now don’t check the general forecast, be specific about the area where you planning to camp.

You must have all the information regarding the temperature, so you know if you need to take extra clothes and resources. By doing so, you will assess the area more effectively, which will help you prepare to handle different kinds of situations.


3- Choose A Right Tent

Another important thing that you have to take care of is choosing the right tent that can handle the impact of the rain. One thing you have to keep in mind is that not all tents are created equal.

Though tent selection does not matter when you are going for regular camping but camping in the rain requires a waterproof tent that can survive different types of climatic conditions. Regular multi-purpose tents soak all the water, which makes the tent heavy.

You should only opt for a double tent as they come with extra protection and will bounce the water back instead of letting it soak through. They also keep the condensation minimal, which makes them perfect for longer rainfalls. Apart from this, inspect the tent before starting your trip and make sure there are no tears or cracks in the material.


4- Pitch Your Tent Higher

Along with the tent selection, you should also make sure to pitch your tent on the high ground. When the rain happens, all the water runs downhill, so if you pitch your tent in the lower area, then it can create a lot of problems. The best thing you can do is to set pitch up your tent on a flat surface as it is more comfortable, which you will need for sleeping.

Apart from this, if possible, then you should also set up a different portion of your campsite on sloped terrain. This way you will be able to create a suitable place for cooking, card games, and gear maintenance. This won’t only keep you dry all the time, but it will also improve your camping experience.


5- Carry Foods That Don’t Require Cooking

When it comes to camping, food is one of the most important things that everyone should pack properly. However, in regular camping, you can pack anything you want. But that’s not the case when you are camping in the rain. Though if the rain is light, then you can pack some hot camping foods, but if it’s raining too much, then you should pack some ready to eat meals. Don’t carry a lot of dehydrated foods such as raw burgers or foods that require boiling water.


6- Bring Some Extra Source Of Entertainment

Though it is indeed true that camping is a very fun activity and there are many things you can do, sometimes it can get very boring, especially if you are camping in the rain. Apart from this, if it’s raining heavily, then you cannot go hiking or cycling, which can make camping even more boring. That’s why it is very important to have some extra source of entertainment that can you enjoy even if you are inside your tent.

For example- you can bring your favorite books, or simple board games, playing cards and any other things you can play with your family or friends to pass the time. Now one recommendation is that you should not bring your expensive iPad or other unnecessary gadgets. The first reason is that it might get damaged by rain and the second is that you are out in the wild, and it is the best time to detach yourself from the technology.


7- Create An Additional Shelter

If you want to get the best experience of camping in the rain, then you should consider creating an external shelter. This will make a lot of things easier and you will have more space to enjoy. The best thing about creating an additional shelter is that it doesn’t require a lot of effort. After finishing your regular activities, you can ask the other members for help.

To create an outdoor shelter, you will need a tarp or overheads. You can easily tie it with the trees to create a good shelter and if you want, then you can also place one overhead on the ground for insulation. You can also place some chairs and lighting to make it more elegant and comfortable. This shelter won’t only function as a chilling spot but you can soak your clothes here.


8- Preheat Your Clothes

If you are going to a colder area, then you should take all the measures to keep yourself warm. One of the best ways to do that is by preheating your clothes. Rainfall can decrease the temperature even more and when it happens, your clothes also get cold and if you wear them, then you can get sick.

That’s why you should preheat your clothes to 98.6 degrees and pack into a breathable bag. This will keep them warm, even if the temperature is very low and you won’t have to wear cold clothes, which will make the chilly morning more comfortable.


9- Choose The Right Clothing

Just like the foods and other things, camping in the rain also requires a different type of clothes. You cannot wear regular t-shirts and hoodies as they won’t be able to protect you from water. You will need waterproof pants, jackets, and boots.

However, most people bring these items along with them, but if it’s raining too much, then you will also need a poncho and a good quality brimmed hat. A poncho will provide an extra protective layer and the hat will keep your face away from getting in touch with water.

Though these things might seem unnecessary but everyone must use them to keep themselves safe. Apart from this, if you get soaked, then you should immediately remove all of your clothes to protect yourself from skin issues, hypothermia, and basic discomfort.


10- Flip Your Water Bottles

Though this tip is very basic, it is very useful to prevent your water bottles from freezing. Water bottle freezing is a very common thing while camping in the rain because when the temperature drops down, water starts freezing and it always freezes from the top. So if you flip the water, then it will freeze from the bottom and you will get at least some sips in the morning.



So these are some of the best tips on camping in the rain that everyone should follow. If this is your time when you are camping in the rain, then you should be careful. It’s not like regular camping and if you don’t take proper precautions and safety measures, then it can be very dangerous.

You should take extra clothes, so if the temperature falls, then you will have something to layer. Apart from this, carry food that requires less or no cooking. This will save a lot of your time and you will have the energy to do other important things.