Chair Quality Matters

Buying a camping chair should be as easy as walking into a big box store and picking something that catches your eye, right?

Well, for most people, yes. But that’s only because most people go camping only once in a while. But, if you’re in the habit of making multiple trips throughout the year, it might be a good idea to pay more attention to what you’re spending your money on. Trust me, it doesn’t take that many times for a chair to fall apart in the middle of your outing for you to wish you chose it for more than the color.

However, it can be very daunting trying to figure out how to navigate the massive market. Here is the list of all different types of camping chairs and some of the top picks.

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Camping Chairs with a Cover

For most, this is the best type to go for since they cover all the basics. Plus, they come with some extra protection from the fauna and the elements.

A Solid Choice – Brylane Home’s Camp Chair with Canopy

If you’re not too happy with tiny pieces of cloth that pretend to be a canopy, this chair might be worth checking out. With the shade worthy of Morticia Addams, your whole upper body is completely protected from the Sun.

This model is also very sturdy, yet light and packs up easily into a carrying bag. It has a very comfy 22-inch wide seat and can support up to 350 pounds of stationary weight.

And if that huge canopy is making you feel somewhat isolated, no worries. There is also a window that allows you to re-join the world around you.


Top Pick – Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair with Bug Guard

A two in one solution. Besides the Sun, why not get some protection from the bug life as well?

This camping chair comes with a floor-length bug-proof mesh cover. And that’s just one of the little smart design features – like the slight extension of the seat fabric so the edge would not cut into you while sitting in it. Oh, and a cup holder.

The canopy itself folds into a carrying case for the whole setup. It’s fully opaque and has a UV 50+ protection rating.

However, if you’re rather fond of mosquitos and enjoy being their food, you might want to check out the model with the weather shield.

Just the Canopy, Hold the Chair:

Rio Beach MyCanopy Clip-On Canopy

Okay, you fell for another camping chair, but it doesn’t come with the canopy. No problem.

Rio’s clip-on canopy can attach itself onto most chair models, no matter the manufacturer. It will have to pass on the extra light models because of the thing and light frames.

The canopy provides complete AVA and UVB protection and comes in blue, blue, blue, and blue.


Camping Chairs with a Footrest

Let’s kick it up a notch by kicking our feet up.

Heavy Duty Solution – Vingli Folding Fishing Chair Plus

If your outdorsiness takes you to a lot of locations that are not tamed by human administration, this is one of the are chairs that can handle whatever it is that the terrain has to offer.

Adjustable. roomy, padded, sturdy, and supports up to 350 pounds of weight. It’s very popular with fishermen who have to have their behinds parked on it for hours at a time. You can set it up on any type of surface -gravel, solid, sand, rainbow, magma, etc. But maybe not the last one.

The downside is the size when folded – just check out that massive bag that comes with it. Not for hikers, unless the hiker in question is the Hulk.

Ground Control – Phi Villa Padded Zero Gravity Chair

Ultimate comfort even in the middle of nowhere.

The mat is completely padded and connected to the frame with a bungee rope. It can be used in several positions – from fully reclined for relaxation, to upward for landing. The positions are set by adjusting the armrests and locking them in with a clip.

Though, this model tends to be a bit stiff at first. To solve this issue, you just have to sacrifice yourself and spend an afternoon or five relaxing in it.

Best Buy – Rio Brands Backpack Lounge Chair

Yeah, I know, it’s more of a beach item. However, it is still in the perfect operational condition even without the sand and the sea. And it’s equally capable of surviving a weekend in the woods.

When packed up, it has two straps so you can carry it like a backpack. There’s also a big pocket on the backrest for extra storage. And the best part of all? It’s only $40 – a lot more suitable for a tight budget.


Camping Chairs with a Side Table

Though most camping chairs come with a side table these days, there are just some things that stand out from the crowd.

Everything and the Kitchen Sink – Picnic Time Fusion Backpack Chair with Cooler

Not only does this chair come with a table, but also with a cooler, an umbrella loop, a set of shelves, and a solid trillion of pockets. If you are a person who needs that much organization, I have those KonMari books that you can borrow.

The eat is quilted and mounted on a sturdy aluminum frame. And that cooler can be removed and carried around on its own.

When folded, the whole chair can be carried as a backpack, but how far are you willing to carry it with all those full pockets, that’s up to you.

camping chair with cup holder and organizer

The Swivel Table – Kamp-Rite Director’s Chair with Swivel Tray

Even though many chairs come with attached tables, how many of the swivel?

This Kamp-Rite’s chair has a fairly standard construction, but the table is where it’s at. As you might have noticed, you can place it both on the side of the chair and directly in front of you.

It has ditches for a cup and a cell phone. and the rest of the surface is big enough to fit a large tablet. Because, you know, you surrounded yourself with nature so you can watch Netflix.

TST 2 – The Revenge of the Swivel – Gecko Side Table

Only the table, no chair included. But it’s a nice upgrade since it can latch on to most chair models that are currently available on the market.

TST 3 – The Swivelling – Kamp-Rite Redi-Tray Side Table Tray

Same movie, but we replaced the actor and hope you won’t notice.

It’s slightly smaller than the Gecko, but it can be mounted on any part of the chair and at any angle.


Inflatable Camping Chairs

A lot of purists avoid inflatable camping gear for the fear of being accused of glamping. But honestly, unless you’re going way off the road, there’s no need to dent yourself the extra comfort these guys can offer.

Just keep in mind that, even though the materials these chairs are made out from are quite most-things-proof, they are not as heavy-duty as metal-framed camping chairs.

A Very Clever Solution – CleverMade QuikFill AirChair

Ok, you” really want this chair when you read the next bit. Ready? No air pump needed.

The chair inflates through the magic of swinging it around a few times. No joke. You have to be quick about it, but that’s it.

On top of that, it can also support up to 500 pounds of weight. It’s made out of very durable nylon that can survive astroturf and gravel.

The seating section is lined with mesh for comfort. And of course, there’s a handy pocket on the side for your phone or a water bottle.

Ah, Let’s Go for it – Intex Pull-Out Chair

I mean, why not.

This guy looks like a classic living room chair. And it even folds out into a full-sized bed. The only difference? It’s completely inflatable and has a cup holder.

If you’re traveling with people who are making fun of your glamping inclinations already, this is the chair you must bring with you.


Camping Chair with a Cooler Bag

I don’t know anyone who would complain about having easy access to a cold beverage in the middle of the Summer. Do you?

But be warned, these guys are not as effective as that big hunk of plastic that can maintain the freeze even when chucked into the heart of a volcano. The coolers that you will find attached to camping chairs are more related to ones you should take with you to the supermarket to keep the fish from dying a second death in your car.

Good news, they are often removable. So, if you can’t get as much use from the chair, you can still make it up with the cooler.

A Cooler With a Chair on its Back

Zenree Folding Backpack Camping Chair

This is not a classic camping chair with a cooler attached to it, but a cooler bag you can sit on.

It’s very lightweight but still has so many features. Next to the cooler and the chair, there is also a big storage bag. An ideal solution for a quick outing, fishing, or a picnic.

The chair doesn’t have armrests, but it’s very sturdy and can support up to 350 pounds of weight.

Something a Little Different

Alps Mountaineering Chiller Chair

Usually, coolers on camping chairs come with soft lids. Not this one. The lid doubles as a side table and a cup holder as well.

And let’s talk about the customary Alps sturdiness – this particular model can support up to 425 pounds of weight while weighing only 16 pounds itself.

For the extra kick of comfort, the mat is made out of breathable mesh in the center, surrounded by padded nylon.


Lightweight Collapsable camping Chairs for Hikers and Minimalist Campers

During a camping trip, space is always at a premium. And it gets even works when you’re hiking because not only do you have to worry about space, but also about excess cargo. Ergo, very light chairs that fold into tiny packages.

For what they are supposed to do, these guys are great. However, they often need more time and effort to put together. And even though most of them can support a large amount of weight, be prepared for the wobble.

Almost Weightless – Helinox Chair Zero

If your chair weight limit is only 18 ounces, you can puck this one since it clocks at only 17. Though it’s that light, it can support up to 165 pounds of weight. Review sections everywhere are bursting at the seams with people who are using them, abusing them and are still very much in love with their chairs.

However, the cup holder is sold separately. You’ll find it making puppy dog eyes at you together with all other designer accessories.

Value for Money – Sportneer Folding Camping Chair

If you’re not camping alone and you’re on a super tight budget, you’ll love this. Two chairs for 55 dollars. Yup.

At 2 pounds, they are quite a bit heavier than the Helinox, but they trade it off by being able to support more weight. And these guys do come with a cup holder already – no extra purchase necessary. Though, it is more of a cup pocket.

The legs are fully adjustable and you can set them either according to your height or the unevenness of the terrain.

However, note that the manufacturer doesn’t recommend their product to those with back issues and that have trouble getting up from low positions.

camping chairs folding
camping chairs folding

Chairs with a Headrest

You’ll probably see more and more chairs that include a removable headrest in their design. This is because when camping chairs are designed, to keep the balance, the manufacturer has to make things a bit bad for your neck. A well-placed pillow will take away the strain and tension of trying to keep your heavy head (heavy thoughts?) from falling backward.

If you suffer from migraines, as well as neck and shoulder pain, pay close attention to this particle detail.

Not Only for Camping – Alps Mountaineering Ultimate Recliner

This one is cut from the same cloth as any other recliner that I’ve mentioned here, just without the footrest. This can, actually, be a good thing.

Take one more look at the design. Doesn’t it resemble a regular patio chair? If you want real value for money, you can let this guy mingle with the rest of your outdoor furniture. Hey, it’s supposed to be better for you, so why not use it as much as possible?

But This One is for Camping only – Picnic Time Reclining Camp Chair

Yeah, you can’t camouflage this one as easily.

Though it does look distinctly more outdoorsy, it’s pretty much the same concept. It reclines, has the headrest, but also comes with a carrying back straps and a large storage pocket.

The seat is extra wide with a padded mat for added comfort. And at 11 pounds, this chair is one of the lightest in around.

camping chairs folding
camping chairs folding

Rocking or Swinging Camping Chairs

Exclamation point! Because why wouldn’t you want one?

Let’s Start Simple – ALPS Low Rocker

The most simple and basic way to make a camping rocking chair. It has all the elements of the classic one you would find on someone’s porch but in a more portable edition.

What makes this one stand out is the 22-inch wide seat that is placed a bit lower than usual. This gives more stability, balance, and comfort to the whole setup.

Let’s Level Up – GCI Roadtrip Rocker

At some point, someone figured out that the classic rocking chair design is not the most versatile for outdoor activities. Enter suspension.

When you lean back, it absorbs the weight of your body and returns you to point A for smooth rocking motion. This is also very suitable for people “of size” who struggle with maintaining balance in regular camping chairs.

There are quite a few models available in this style, but GCI is here on this list because they are willing to listen to all criticism and change their product for the better – which is what they did with this chair in 2019.

Let’s Send it Into the Orbit – Nrmo Stargaze Recliner Luxury Chair

Either I’m seriously projecting, or this chair has a serious case of the Space Odyssey going on.

To split hairs, it’s more of a hammock than a rocking chair. Though this translates to silence and no creaking, so no complaints here. It sets up in three quick and intuitive steps and then packs up back again to fit in a small-ish bag.

It’s designed to always find its center and maintain balance, and it auto-reclines when you lean back.

At $220, it’s a bit of a hit, but it still comes with a lifetime warranty that guarantees full repairs and replacement as long as the damage was not the result of misuse and improper care.

camping chairs folding
camping chairs folding

Camping Chairs for Kids

This section is a bit annoying because most manufacturers don’t make chairs for children. The ones that do are usually companies that think that they can slap an image of Elsa or IronMan and everything is cool. It’s not.

Bigger kids can easily use any of the adult-sized chairs with a lower profile. But the tiny ones don’t get that many great choices.

Size S – Paw Patrol Kid’s Canopy Chair

Coming from Kelsyus, our top pick for the canopy and bug net pick, we have this shrunk version of their chair. It comes with all the features and benefits as the big one, but it’s just tiny and has a Paw Patrol print.

Size XS – Go With Me Chair

Not made by a multinational corporation as an afterthought to bulk up their catalog, but by a mom who cared about the product’s safety specks. The chair is sturdy and durable and designed to keep a baby in and prevent them from having a day out.

Camping Chairs Designed for Big Beautiful People

Unfortunately, whichever direction your size ended up extending, some of the chairs listed here might seem like dollhouse furniture.

But you can also see that the manufacturers are becoming less stingy with seat sizes and strength of chair frames. But if you still need me to do better, challenge accepted.

The Ultimate Sports Chair – The Brobdingnagian Sports Chair

When you’re standing a whole head and shoulders above everyone else, you probably feel like you’re playing tea party at the kids’ table, no matter where you sit.

This chair might be a bit of a novelty item, but it could support a 400-pound 9-foot tall person without any problems. Well, both them and their six separate beverages that can park into six included cup holders.

Despite its size, it still folds to fit into a standard size duffel bag.

And just to reinforce the stereotype, there’s also The Brobdingnagian Basketball Chair.

camping chairs folding
camping chairs folding

Major Tom – Ever Advanced Oversize XL Padded Zero Gravity Chair

Remember that awesome zero gravity chair we talked about previously? Well, a whole range of models designed especially for those with little more to love is available on the market. This one here just looks the coolest.

Though this model can support 350 pounds in weight, it weighs only 20 pounds! It also provides 22 inches of sitting space, a fully padded mat, and a removable head cushion.

But if you still need a bit more, no worries – there are roomier options there as well.

The Toughest Cookie – Alps Mountaineering King Kong Chair

Argh, ignore the name. But do pay attention to the features!

This guy can hold up to 800 pounds! And for only $60.

Even if you don’t need that much support, this means that this chair will need some serious planning and effort to fall apart.

Camping Chairs for a Bad Back

If you have a bad back and a tough time finding a suitable chair, you must have spent all this time annoyed because you still didn’t find what you need. Don’t worry, I got your back.

One stop shop – Oztent Gecko Chair

The Gecko is a director style chair that offers lumbar support and can handle up to 330 pounds of weight. The support system is composed out of a sturdy belt that goes through the backrest while hooked to the front part of the chair frame.

It also comes with the swivel table, and it packs flat for easy storage and transport.

Budget Support – Kamp-Rite Folding Chair with Lumbar

The support system on this chair is almost identical to the one on the Gecko, but there are a few things that keep it in the shade. First, it can support only 300 pounds of weight, and you don’t get the swivel table.

However, you still get the Kamp-Rite durability and TWO cup holders!

camping chairs folding
camping chairs folding

Multiple Camping Chair Sets

I vote nay. Hear me out.

Sure, it looks great when your gear matches perfectly. However, unless you are traveling with your identical twin only, every member of the party will have different needs. The Sportneer chairs work together mostly because of the adjustable legs and because their primary function is to simply take the load off, not veg out.

If there’s an offer going on and you’re not in the market for something super special, go for it. If you want a loveseat to snuggle up with your boo while you’re watching the stars or the sunset, go for it. But if you and yours are serious about your camping adventure, go a la carte and get a perfect chair for each person.

It might be all mismatched, but hey – call it Wabi-Sabi, and it will be the height of… interior decorating?

Heated Camping Chairs

Let’s go hi-tech for the end. Of course that at some point someone came up with a chair that can keep you warm and charge your phone. Next step? A chair that bends time and fast-forwards through permit applications and the rest of red tape.

The Chair – Chaheati Use-Your-Own-Battery 5 Volt USB Heated Chair

One small step for a chair, one giant leap for all campers out there that like their behinds nice and toasty.

This is the first heated chair that hit the market. It charges from a regular portable phone charger – how cool is that? That means you can buy a bunch of those super-slim ones or the ones with a built-in solar panel, and never worry about freezing your buttocks off again.

The heating system has three settings, and depending on the one you choose, you can enjoy up to 6 hours of comforting heat from a single charge,

It comes with a carrying case, a cup holder, and a nifty little side pocket for the charger. It weighs just a bit over 10 pounds – a lot lighter than it is to be expected from a portable furnace.

camping chairs folding
camping chairs folding

The Throne – Chaheati Black MAXX Heated Chair

So, you liked the first version? Now, let’s upgrade.

Twice as much heating surface, slightly oversized, fully reinforced. But now with its built-in battery that you can also use to charge your phone.

A single charge gives you 6 hours of warmth at the 100 Degrees F setting or 215 minutes on 145 Degrees F.

The Alternative – Oztent Taipan HotSpot Chair

Aussies take their camping gear very seriously. If you’ve checked out the Chaheati but it didn’t hit the spot, the Oztent chairs might be a great alternative. This one is the top of their line, and there are three more on offer.

What makes it stand out are the HotSpot pouches that contain the heating elements. They are completely removable and you can leave them at home when you take a trip in the middle of August. More importantly, this also means that you can easily replace them if any of them breaks down – no need to call for a chair surgeon.

Camping Chair Organizers

If you end up amassing more than a couple of chairs, you’ll find yourself drowning in them. Sure, you can buy a $30 set of straps to nail on your wall, or you could polish up your DIY skills and solve this issue very quickly and cheaply.

If a chair comes with a bag or a carrier, there will also be some form of a strap involved. That strap can go on a heavy-duty hook or even a wall bike rack.

Speaking of, some bike stands make for a great solution for storing the chairs on the floor.

However you go about it, just make sure to leave some air room between each chair. The chances of mold developing are pretty slim, but they still exist. Also, if you didn’t do a perfect cleaning job, that chair will not stain its neighbor.

camping chairs folding
camping chairs folding