Your Sleeping Bag Choice Matters

Sleeping bags play a very major role in making your camping safe and comfortable. A wrong sleeping bag won’t be able to protect you and keep you warm. Apart from this, it will also expose you to different external elements, which is very dangerous.

It doesn’t matter whether you are going for tent camping or adventure camping, or any other type of camping, you should do proper research before buying a sleeping bag. However, many different types of sleeping bags are available in the market, but each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. That’s why you must determine your needs first and then choose a sleeping bag that is suitable for your type of camping.

So if you are eager to know more about the importance of choosing a right sleeping bag, then here will you get to know about the reasons why you should never buy the wrong sleeping bag for your type of camping. So if this sounds useful, then stick to this article.

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Don’t Buy The Wrong Sleeping Bag!

1- Won’t Keep You Warm

One of the main reasons that you should not buy the wrong sleeping bag is that it won’t be able to keep warm. Many people make the mistake of buying an oversized sleeping bag, thinking that it will give them more space. Though no doubt it will be spacious, the problem with bigger sleeping bags is that they have cold zones that are very hard to heat.

On the flip side, also don’t go for a sleeping bag that is extremely tight. Just try to find one according to your body size, or you can make a custom sleeping bag. A wrong sleeping won’t come with a proper temperature rating, which is the main factor that determines whether the sleeping is good or not.

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2- Poor Comfort

The main purpose of a sleeping bag is to provide you the maximum comfort, no matter what the situation is. And if you buy a wrong sleeping bag, then you will have to compromise on your comfort. Another mistake that most people make is they don’t pay proper attention to the materials and the additional features of the sleeping bag at the time of buying.

And due to this, they face a lot of problems in getting proper sleep. You should make sure that the sleeping has soft inner material, so you won’t feel any discomfort. Apart from this, make sure the sleeping bag is easy to get in and out. Look for bags that come with zippers and insulation mat.

Zippers make sleeping bags very easy to access, which helps you get in the bag very easily. And insulation mats provide better comfort and warmness, which helps you sleep faster. If you can, then you should also look for sleeping bags that come with additional features such as the hood and stash pockets. These features increase the functionality and provide you better comfort.

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3- Won’t Protect You Properly

However, it is indeed true that camping is a very fun and thrilling activity but still you are sleeping outside and it is always unexpected what you will have to face and deal with. There are many outdoor creatures that keep crawling all night long and if you buy a wrong sleeping bag, then it can be very dangerous.

A wrong sleeping bag won’t be able to protect you from outdoor bugs and insects, especially if you are going for adventure or survival camping. You should make sure that the material is durable and secure enough to keep any kind of bugs and crawlers away from reaching your body. Along with this, if you are camping in the wild, then choose a soft color to avoid the attention of other wild animals.

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4- Difficult To Pack

Another important reason why you should not buy the wrong sleeping bag is that it will create difficulty in packing. While going on a going camping trip, it is very important to carry all the essentials to avoid any kind of problems. Some people buy large heavy sleeping bags that occupies all of their backpack space.

Along with this, a heavier sleeping will also make your journey more difficult as you have to put more energy into carrying it, which can be very problematic if you are planning to climb higher mountains. You should always go for lighter materials as they will make your journey more comfortable and you will have the energy to do other fun things.

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5- Lower Quality Sleeping Pad

The sleeping pad is the key part, which makes the sleeping bag more comfortable. And if you buy a wrong sleeping bag, then you will get a lower quality sleeping bag. When you sleep in the ground, you need better layers to retain and protect the heat of your body.

A low-quality sleeping pad has poor heat-retaining capability, which is not enough to keep you warm. However, sleeping bags with quality sleeping pads are generally expensive but they also last longer and provides a better experience.

So these were some reasons why you should not buy a wrong sleeping pack. Now some of you might have questions like what should we do to get the best sleeping bag or how to choose the right sleeping bag. Well, if you are one of them, then here are some tips that will help you make a better selection and get the perfect sleeping bag.


How To Choose The Right Sleeping Bag

Bag Cut/Design

The bag cut is one of the important things that everyone should consider while choosing a sleeping bag. However, if you are going for a regular sleepover, then the bag cut doesn’t matter but for a tent camping in mountains and other advanced camping, you should only go for a mummy cut sleeping bag. These types of bag cuts improve comfort and provide you more warmth.

Though if you feel that the temperature has gone high, then you can simply drape the cut sleeping bag over you to avoid overheating. Apart from this, only buy sleeping bags that come with zipper at the feet.

This enables you to vent the bags at your feet, which is very important if you are camping in a humid area. Ventilation helps in removing the moist air, which helps in keeping you warm.


Temperature Ratings

To get the best comfort and warmness, you must choose a sleeping bag that comes with temperature ratings that suit your camping needs. However, you should always go with sleeping with low ratings as you can easily open the zipper if you feel warm. But you should also remember that not all sleeping bags created equal. For example- for female campers, choosing a unisex sleeping bag would not be the right choice as the designs as not suitable for their body.

Female campers should always buy women-specific bags because they are specially made to fit the female body and temperature needs better. They are narrowed at the shoulder and wider at hips, which makes them perfect for females.


Right Insulation

A lot of people get confused about whether they should opt for a down sleeping bag or a synthetic bag. However, both have their own uses but when it comes to hardcore camping, most campers prefer down sleeping bags. They are made of durable materials and their warmth to weight ratio is also better. Down sleeping bags are lighter and more compressible, which makes them perfect for long camping trips.

On the flip side, synthetic sleeping bags can keep you warm and comfortable even if it gets wet. As compared to the down sleeping bags, they also dry out fast, which makes them a better option for camping in most areas.

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Additional Bag Features

You should also look for sleeping bags that come with additional features such as sleeping bag shells, hoods, and pockets. Though these features are not that mandatory but can improve the functionality of the sleeping bag.

Apart from this, you should also try to get as many accessories as you can. For example- look for sleeping bags that come with sleeping bag liner, storage sack, and stuff sack. These accessories will provide extra space and help you store the sleeping bag more efficiently.

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The Last Word

If you want to get the best camping experience, then you should be very careful while choosing a sleeping bag. As you know that there are different types of camping and each requires a specific type of sleeping bag. You cannot take a tent camping sleeping bag for winter camping or survival camping. That’s why you should analyze everything properly before making any decision.

If you choose a wrong sleeping bag, then it won’t only ruin your camping trip but it can also be very dangerous for your health. You should make a list of different sleeping bags and then filter out the best that fits your needs and budget. By doing so, you will get the best sleeping bag without spending a lot of money.

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