Glamping on the West Coast

Thinking of glamping in California and searching for the best glamorous sites? Well, you’ve landed up in the right place. We have narrowed down some of the most beautiful and fun glam camping sites in all of California!

Exploring through the lap of nature and experiencing the outdoors doesn’t always mean that you have to ditch your comfort.

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Glam Camping is a Growing Trend

Glam camping allows you to have the fun of camping while staying in full luxury. Glam camping is for the people who want to enjoy the surroundings without having to struggle like regular campers. In short, you will get all the luxuries as that of a 5-star hotel in your glamorous pre-set tent.

Glamping Tip #1

Lets face it, no matter how much luxury you experience during the day, all said and done….It’s about the bed. If you don’t get that wonderful sleep you’re used to getting in your own crib then all the rest just reminds you of how cranky you can be in paradise. Focus on the Bed when making accommodation choices. A paradigm for life really.

California is full of gorgeous glamping destinations. One can experience the true essence of nature from his fully facilitated outdoor accommodation. Here we have picked out some of the best glam camping sites in Southern and Northern California just for you.

Glam Camping in Southern California

Southern California is a little paradise when it comes to glamping destinations. It has all kinds of beautiful and mesmerizing landscapes to offer, from lush forest glamps to beautiful beach resorts. This part of California has a lot more to offer.

Below are the top-rated sites for glam camping in Southern California.

joshua tree nation park glamping 14

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is the perfect glamcamping site to surround yourself with the beauty of nature. It is an Airbnb glampsite which is situated in the BLM Northern Camping Area of the national park.

This stunning campsite offers aesthetically appealing setup yurts which are fully furnished with chairs and tables, and even a USB charging point inside, along with all the necessary supplies. They have a fire pit and grill, and they supply all the cooking gear to cook the most delicious camp food.

This glam camping has a beautiful set up to offer its visitors, while providing the most memorable camping experience.

joshua tree nation park glamping 11

Ventura Ranch KOA

The Ventura Ranch KOA is situated at the foot of the country’s highest mountain, Topa Topa.

It is a lush camping site with scenic views, forests and wildlife. If you think you might be uncomfortable in such a rustic campsite, you don’t have to worry about that at all!

Ventura Ranch KOA offers a variety of accommodation options including teepees, large tents and fully luxurious glam camps.

Ventura Ranch KOA 6

You can book a glamour tent to have the most amazing experience. These tents are fully furnished with a queen bed, table and chair. You will also find a well-equipped kitchen with a mini-fridge, microwave oven, and all the other necessary equipment.

Also, there is no shortage of electricity. In simple words, the lights, etc will be controlled by you and won’t go out or off until you decide you want to turn them of. You will enjoy traditional camping without any discomfort that regular campers might be put through.

Ventura Ranch KOA map 1

The Desert Yacht Club At Joshua Tree National Park

This club is yet another glam camping site of Southern California which is also situated in the Joshua Tree National Park.

The Desert Yacht Club is the perfect place to plan a quiet, desert vacation. It offers a luxury stay for visitors in high-end glamcamping tents which have all the basic amenities. This campsite also includes a fully equipped kitchen, wifi lounge, grill area and even a mini pool to dip your feet or entire body into.

It is a simple, but gorgeous site, that allows you to enjoy glamping to the fullest. This will make for a pampered camping trip.

Desert Yacht Club joshua tree national park 3

Cultus Camp – Joshua Tree Glamping

Nestled in the Joshua Tree National Park, Cultus Camp is an exquisite glamcamping destination. It is a perfect escape from the digital world. This incredibly glam site is full of beautiful landscapes, breathtaking desert views and also a calm and composed place to spend quality time.

Desert Yacht Club joshua tree national park 2

This place offers mind-blowing luxurious tents with queen beds, leather chesterfield couch, dining table, wooden decks and much more. It is a perfect mini-vacation, where you can get away but still feel as comfortable as you were at home. You can get refreshing hot showers as this campsite also, as it has a solar power system.

Staying at Cultus camp means you can rejuvenate yourself in the beautiful surrounds of nature, enjoy wildlife and be smothered by the starry nights. Now you decide, can glamcamping get any better than this?

El Capitan Canyon camp

El Capitan Canyon

Another stunning glam camping destination in Southern California is El Capitan Canyon. It is situated near El Capitan state beach, Santa Barbara. It has pretty much everything you’ll look for in a glamcamping site. You can find a variety of tent options like yurts, safari tents, camping spots etc. You can even spend your vacation in a wood cabin if you don’t want to stay in a tent.

Glamping Tip #2

OK, you’ve chosen the perfect place to stay. Truly it’s a insightful choice. People are writing about your powers of discernment. But it’s just missing that something….hmmm? What you forgot was to bring that touch of home. You know, all those little things that make your life worth living and define who YOU are. You know what they are. So bring them. Don’t be embarrassed. It’s your fabulous life dude! Be Nike…just do it!

El Capitan Canyon campground

All kinds of tents in El Capitan Canyon are fully facilitated and well furnished like a luxury villa. This campsite is perfect to go either with family, friends or on your own.

El Capitan Canyon camping california

The best thing about El Capitan Canyon is that you can make customize things as per your likes and requirements. It even allows you to bring your own firewood for the traditional camping experience. You can also go out to Canyon market for shopping, deli foods, for lavish meals or even to the Spa for a luxurious afternoon/evening.

glamping corral loft cedar cabins

Catalina Island Glamping

Catalina Island glamping is the perfect way to plan your stay on Catalina Island. It may not be the hottest glamping site, but it has everything you need to have a lot of fun and a great camping experience. You can easily find tents which are facilitated with sleeping bags, individual cots, pads and other essential camping gear you may need. These tents can easily accommodate up to six people. You don’t have to take care of anything. All you need to do is arrive at your campsite and enjoy the beautiful nature.

catalina island glamping 2

Camping on Catelina Island Video

This is a perfect glamcamping option for beach lovers who want to spend their time in comfortable accommodations while exploring beaches and Catalina towns. You will get the most scenic beach views on the Island. It is totally worth a visit!

catalina island glamping

Safari Cabin Tent Situated At Warner Springs

This luxurious accommodation is located near the Warner Springs of San Diego region. This is one of the most unique and quiet places, making it perfect for people who want to spend some private time close to nature. The National Forest and conservation areas make sure there are plenty of lush green areas to explore.

This campsite includes a fully equipped kitchen (with barbecue grill, pizza oven and more), a private hot tub, fully equipped bathroom and wifi facilities all over the site. The tent includes wooden flooring, essential furniture and other supplies that you need for comfortable camping.

It is basically a mini safari tent with full amenities that offers very comfortable glamcamping in the middle of Riverwood trees and the open sky. Once you arrive, you will feel yourself beginning to unwind and relaxing with an amazing and smooth glam camping experience.

Safari Cabin Tents At Warner Springs

Vintage Style Glamping In Tiny Tiki Retro Hideaway

The Tiny Tiki Retro Hideaway offers a most sought after vintage glamcamping experience to its glampers. As the name suggests, it is an actual hideaway where you can spend your time in full privacy. It is a very unique stay built on a sandstone mesa above the city lights.

If you’re planning your trip near LA, then this is the perfect place for glamcamping. You should definitely plan a weekend here to have the most enjoyable time. More than a glamcamping site, it is a full vintage travel trailer. You can say that it is a beautiful mini palace on wheels. It offers a luxurious and peaceful setting for enjoying your weekend.

Tiny Tiki Retro Hideaway

It is located in the west region of San Fernando Valley. You will find it by just heading out of LA. Although it is not very far away from the rush of the city, you can sense a complete escape. This beautiful destination is amidst hills where you will enjoy the gorgeous Southern California landscapes.

This vintage trailer includes every kind of facility you need for a comfortable stay. You can have private bathrooms with hot water, a fully equipped kitchen, king-sized beds, A/C and wifi. It is a little resort in itself which is a perfect place to hang out without ditching your comforts.

Tiny Tiki Retro Hideaway

The Gypsy Escape Camp

It offers a great hippie commune. This glamping site is situated in the Topanga Canyon of the Santa Monica Mountains. This is a perfect site to enjoy the hippy culture. This stunning glamping destination is a great escape from the busy world and lets you recharge yourself with the goodness of nature while breathing in the fresh mountain air.

The Gypsy Escape Camp

You will find beautifully chandeliered gipsy tents with full amenities, a tin roof cabin and a stunning caravan trailer. The centre of attraction of this site is the outdoor clawfoot bathtub which gives the best experience of glamcamping in nature. Further, you can explore the landscape on the gorgeous walking trails through the hills of Topanga Canyon. You will feel a unique bohemian vibe here. Undoubtedly, this place is among the best glamcamping in Southern California.

So, that was all about glamcamping Southern California. Now, for the individuals who are looking for their perfect glam camping destinations in Northern California, let us assist you!

glamping california big sur northern coast

Glamcamping In Northern California

 As we already discussed, the entire California state is full of beautiful and glamorous camping destinations. Northern California has some of the most unique and peaceful destinations to offer. With that said, here are the best glamcamping sites to consider when planning your glamping trip.

glamping in northern california

Sequoia High Sierra Camp, Kings Canyon National Park

You will find this ultimate glamping destination at the Kings Canyon National Park situated at the south of Yosemite National Park. The camping vibe starts right at the parking lot, as you have to hike about 1 mile before reaching this glamp camp.

These tents include a king size or twin beds and all the necessary furniture. You can even find beautiful Persian rugs that give a classy touch.

Sequoia High Sierra Camp-Kings Canyon National Park

At this campsite, you don’t need to prepare your meals as you will be provided with a delicious 5-course meal, including breakfast and a mini picnic buffet. Further, you can enjoy a tasty Mediterranean dinner.

Don’t worry, this glamp campsite doesn’t forget to include drinks. You can get yourself ice-cold beer and wine to quench your thirst. Basically, Sequoia High Sierra has everything you need for pampered and comfortable glamping.

Sequoia High Sierra Camp-Kings Canyon National Park

Further, you will be 8,282 feet high above the earth! That means you will definitely enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the natural surroundings.

You know what the best part is? The cost for this luxurious campsite is not out of this world. For this spectacular adventure, and being pampered, it is surprisingly affordable. You can easily get tents for two, at around $500 per night. The campsite is open to the public from early June to the end of September.

Sequoia High Sierra Camp-Kings Canyon National Park

Safari West, Santa Rosa

If you’re a wildlife lover then Safari West is the campsite for you. It is an exotic wildlife reserve which is home to more than 900 animals such as zebras, wildebeests, giraffes and beautiful flamingos. You can often have sightings of these animals roaming around. You can explore the wilderness during the day on a safari tour and relax at night under a starry sky. The canvas tents are premium and give a full-on African safari experience.

Moreover, the prices are super affordable. You can easily get a tent at just $260 with breakfast included.

Youtube Safari West ➤

Safari West, Santa Rosa

Terra glamping, Sonoma Coast Cabin

This is a new glamping campsite which is becoming a centre of attraction for enthusiastic glampers. Situated at the Sonoma coast, this glamping site is famous for breathtaking panoramic views and sunsets. It offers about 10 luxurious, fully facilitated tents. This place is a must go for the glampers who want to enjoy peaceful nature with modern amenities.

Terra glamping Sonoma Coast Cabin

Mt. Madonna County Park, Watsonville

Mt. Madonna is a popular park in Santa Clara County. It is located in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains. This campsite offers stunning yurts that can easily accommodate up to 10 people. Glampers can enjoy living between the redwoods, walking through the mind-blowing hiking trails, exploring the lush green forests, and also the historic ruins of Henry Miller’s summer home.

While it may sound a bit rustic, you don’t need to worry. You won’t even have to lift a finger as this campsite is full of modern amenities and ensures that the guests are completely comfortable.

glam camping Mt. Madonna County Park, Watsonville

Inn Town Campground, Nevada City Camping

It is yet another safari glamping encampment. Inn Town Campground is a huge area that offers a number of traditional camping sites and is even suitable for RV camping. This glamcamping site includes approximately 15 exotic tents which are well furnished with king-sized beds, electric blankets and more. These tents are decorated in vintage-style which adds that extra edge to the glamcamping experience. Apart from exploring nature, you can check out the Inn Town camp store to get some yummy marshmallows and exotic Sauvignon Blanc wine for around the campfire.

You can easily book a tent for as low as $100. Not bad at all for this experience!

Inn Town Campground, Nevada City Camping glamping

Glamping In Big Sur California

Although entire California is full of lovely glamping sites, nothing can beat the beauty of Big Sur. It is a whole different paradise for glam camping.

After heading five hours north of LA and about a few hours from San Francisco, you will encounter a popular route known as Highway 1. From there, you will be able to locate a number of exotic woodlands and the famous Coastline. While you can find many luxurious hotels and Airbnb’s for your stay, the best experience is to go glamcamping around Big Sur. You will definitely fulfill one of your dreams and make many wonderful memories from this experience.

glam camping Glaping In Big Sur California

Wait, don’t get this mixed up with regular camping! You will not be asked to set up your own tents, toast some bread and heat up some canned beans on the fire and then sleep uncomfortably in your sleeping bags. At this spot, we are only talking about luxurious glamcamping!

Below are the best destinations to plan glamcamping Big Sur California. All of these sites are enchanting and you may not want to go back home once you arrive there.

glamping Glaping In Big Sur California

Ventana Big Sur

To begin with the most popular luxury stay in the region, we have Ventana. It is a great combination of glamour, camping and comfort. It offers the best glamcamping experience you can ever have. On reaching Ventana, you can find your accommodation at the well-known glamp sites. The site offers safari-style, fully furnished tents, along with proper blankets and linens. There are also fully equipped bathrooms so you don’t need to worry about where/if you can take refreshing hot showers. You will also get a fire pit.

If you want a more exotic experience and privacy, then you can go for Canyon Glampsites. These are far away from the rest of the sites and can only be accessed on foot. However, this hike is totally worth the experience you’re going to have. The stunning natural views can not be replaced by anything else.

ventana big sur glamping

Glen Oaks Big Sur

If you want to have a more rustic experience and solitude then plan a visit to Glen Oaks Big Sur. It is a motor lodge which offers a number of individual cabins in the middle of the woods. Each cabin comes with a full-size bed, comfortable blankets, your own fire pit and also fully equipped bathrooms. These cabins are furnished using European birch plywood. To help you stay connected to the outer world, you will get access to speedy internet. Each cabin comes with a TV too. While enjoying your stay at Glen Oaks, you can also visit the Roadhouse for tasting authentic California cuisine.

Glen Oaks Big Sur glam camping

Treebones Resort

While you travel through HWY1 to Big Sur, along with lovely ocean views you will also find the famous Treebones Resort. The main highlight of this resort is its ocean-view yurts that offer a glamorous camping experience. It is a paradise for beach babies. You will be glamcamping while enjoying the natural music of waves in the distant Pacific Ocean. Gorgeous golden beaches, Mill Creek and Limekiln State park offer the picturesque must-visit sites.

Also, if you don’t want to burn your fingers at the campfire, you can have your meals at Treebones’ very own Wild Coast restaurant and infamous Sushi Bar.
You won’t break the bank when you book your lovely yurt. Prices start at $320 per night.

glam camping Treebones Resort glamping

Costanoa Resort

This beautiful resort is the perfect escape from the city rush to the lap of nature. It includes a spa where you can relax through an assortment of rejuvenating therapies and massages. This encampment also offers fun horseback riding, and you can enjoy wine tasting at Cascade Bar and Grille, which is Costanoa’s own restaurant.

This resort is kid-friendly. Your kids will surely love activities like refreshing tide pools, ice cream making, T-shirt painting and more. While Costanoa offers a number of lodging options, you can go for comfort stations that offer glamcamping.

glam camping Costanoa Resort

Fernwood Resorts

Fernwood Resorts combines adventure with modern luxuries. This resort includes luxurious canvas tents which come with all sorts of comforts that you will enjoy. These include basic furniture, a bed, a picnic table, soft linens, and electric tent heaters and also full electricity. If you want a little extra, you can book forest cabins. Fernwood’s forest cabins also include well-facilitated kitchens, bathrooms and spacious living rooms.

For making sure the guests don’t fall short of essential supplies, the resort has two shops from where you can purchase any camp supplies you might need.

glamping-Fernwood Resorts

Post Ranch Inn

Post Ranch Inn is a property of American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts which offers a high-end encampment. This hotel is situated on a cliff just above the Pacific Ocean. There are about 100 acres of Big Sur land. It offers various options for accommodation such as guest rooms, guest houses and even tree houses to soak yourself completely in the essence of nature. In fact, treehouses are the most preferred stay of visitors. They are built on nine-foot stilts and include a bed, fire pit, sitting area and skylights to soak up the twinkling stars. While staying at a treehouse, you will also be provided with a scrumptious breakfast and activities like yoga and swimming in the pool.

glam camping post ranch inn big sur california

Ripplewood Resort

Be cautious before planning your glam camping holiday to Ripplewood Resort and realize that once you get there, you may never want to go back home!

Even if you try to get back from here you may have a heavy heart. Gone will be the aroma of firepits and many cherished memories, until of course, you book your next visit there. This resort offers about 15 wooden cabins and one spacious luxury bungalow. The wooden cabins come with full kitchens, firepits and other camping supplies.

Nine out of these fifteen cabins are facing the Big Sur River. You might be able to get one of these if you’re lucky enough. Furthermore, the last six cabins are in the middle of the resort’s garden which is surrounded by hills from all sides. A beautiful site! There is also a cafe where you can enjoy your meals and a grocery store to stock up on your glam camping kitchen supplies.

glamping ripplewood resort big sur

Edgemere cottages

It would be unfair if you went glamcamping without your fur buddy. Having said that, Edgemere cottages allows you to bring your dogs with you to the glamcamping site. You will have double the fun having your loving pets by your side.

There are mainly three cottage options including Rosemont, Piccadilly and Devon. These are vintage cottages built during the early 1920s and provide an old living experience along with modern amenities like private kitchens, gas-based fireplaces and mini gardens full of greenery. These cottages are located at a short distance from downtown Carmel. You will also find many restaurants, shops, cafes and more. You should definitely give it a visit if you’re planning your trip to the nearby area.

glamping Edgemere cottages

Final Words On Glamping California

Glamcamping is the best way to give yourself nature’s therapy. You can have the traditional camping experience without sacrificing your comfort. Gone are the days where you have to pack truckloads for your camping trips and struggle hard to survive in the wilderness.

With glamp camping, you just have to arrive at your luxurious destination without having to carry too much extra luggage. Also, when you leave these places, you will most likely be refreshed with a lot of smiles and renewed energy.

California is a beautiful state to explore. Even if you visit a new place every single time, you will not be able to explore all the places in a lifetime. When it comes to glam camping, you will find a number of stunning campsites around the state. You can basically find luxurious tents at most of the places. While Southern California has many national parks, beautiful landscapes, Mojave Desert safari to offer the glampers, Northern California has a number of beautiful resorts and Wildlife preserves like Sequoia High Sierra and Santa Cruz African Safari. Above all, nothing can match the glamcamping experience offered by Big Sur.

glamping post ranch inn big sur california

All in all, you can take your glamping experience to the next level by booking your stay in any of the above encampments. You will not be disappointed!

At last, no matter where you go, enjoy your every moment with those you love and  create memories that will enrich your life every time you recall them. Safe travels.

el capitan canyon glamping southern california