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Many of us get really excited before we go camping. While you get to enjoy the night under the beautiful night sky, the experience may not be as comforting as it sounds if you are sleeping at the campground. You may find it very difficult to fall asleep. Sleeping outdoors will never be comfortable (glamping aside) but here in this article, there are a few tips that can help you to fall asleep and have a comfortable night’s sleep and rest even while camping.

What clothes to sleep in when camping?

What you wear during camping is important. You do not want to overburden yourself with too many clothes. Hence, you need to carry the right type of clothing. The best clothes to wear to bed while you are camping is smart wool. It has a special quality which adapts to the cool or warm weather. Your clothing will completely depend on where you are camping and what are the climatic conditions there.

But if you are carrying smart wool, you do not need to worry about the climate. Places that have higher temperatures, you can go for the usual tee shirt or a breathable shirt teamed up with a pair of sweatpants or thermals.

Smart wool has several benefits. It keeps you dry and warm or cool depending on the surrounding climatic conditions of your camping spot.

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What not to wear while camping – No matter where you go for camping, always carry clothes that are comfortable and breathable. Clothes that make you feel suffocated must be avoided at all times. Wearing jeans during camping is a big NO! They are not at all camp-friendly and it may ruin the entire mood of camping. And if by any chance, those jeans get wet, you will need to dry it which is again an annoying task.

Sleeping naked is also not a good option. You will regret it if you need to wake up in the middle of the night for nature’s call. You should also use fragrances as less as possible. You do not want to invite the undesirables at the campground.

If you are thinking that wearing tight clothes will keep you warm, then you are wrong. Tight clothes will suffocate you and will hinder the circulation of blood. This will not allow your body to circulate warmth.

The smart wool can store moisture and the ability of the smart wool to breathe allows amazing ventilation in warm weather and diffuses moisture, keeping you comfortable and dry.


What is too cold for camping?

There is a section of people who like to go camping during winter, in the snow. These people are mostly researchers who usually camp in the regions of Antarctic. For them, the weather is never too cold for camping.

But for the rest of the camp goers, it is important to make yourself aware of how cold is too cold for camping, especially if you have children with you.

If the temperatures during the night time are between 30 degrees to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, then it is too cold for camping, especially if you are inexperienced or a beginner with amateur gear. If the night time temperature is between 50 degrees to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, then camping can be comfortable and cozy.

Other than this, several other variables determine how cold is too cold for camping. Before going camping, you must educate yourself everything about the factors relating to temperature both during the day time and the night time.

In case you have chosen a low elevation campground, then you may not worry about low temperature, because the temperature will not drop excessively during the night time. But if you are going to the mountains for camping, then the temperatures will be extreme. It will be scorching hot during day time while freezing chilly cold at night. This is because of low air pressure in the high lands.

If you can not get correct or sufficient information on what the temperatures will be at the mountain top where you will camp, you may want to retain this easy formula in your mind–

  • In the presence of snow, cloud, or rain, the temperature falls to 3.3 degrees Fahrenheit for every increase of 1000 feet.
  • In the absence of snow, cloud, or rain, the temperature falls to 5.4 degrees Fahrenheit for every increase of 1000 feet.

However, this is a general thumb rule. Nature does not work the way we study in books. The temperatures may slightly be different from what is mentioned depending on other variables responsible for any change in the climatic conditions.


What is the best sleeping position?

The best position for sleeping is sleeping on your side. Sleeping on your side has amazing benefits, especially if you sleep on the left side.

Sleeping on the left side gives you a proper spinal alignment to your body which helps you get a proper good night’s sleep.

Some people believe that sleeping on your side gives rise to wrinkles. This is because your face is continuously stretched by the pillow and this added pressure stretches your facial skin leading to wrinkles.

The benefits of sleeping on your side are that it helps in the spinal alignment of the body, it helps in digestion, it helps to prevent sleep apnea and also helps in reducing snoring. The harmful side of sleeping on your side is that it leads to premature wrinkles and shoulder pains if you lay on one side for too long.

If you have the habit of sleeping in the fetal position, then you will experience the benefits of sleeping on your side. They are the same thing. In this case, your body is not straight but hunched over.

However, sleeping in this position may put stress on your back muscles and may make you feel uncomfortable.


How cold is too cold to sleep in a tent?

The fragrance of pine amid the serenity of an alpine lake coupled with the sparkling stars above the snow-capped mountains is unparalleled. But if this is ruined by a miserable night camp because of the cold freezing weather, you will immediately get annoyed. To overcome these weather conditions, make sure to be aware of the highest and the lowest temperatures of your camping spot, during the day time and the night time.

You will also need to get yourself the necessary gear to keep yourself warm and bear the sub-zero winter temperatures.

The temperatures might get colder than what is anticipated, especially if you are camping during the fall or springtime, as the weather changes rapidly. To ensure that you do not get frozen at night, select a proper sleeping bag that can keep you warm even if the temperatures drop unexpectedly. For instance, if the anticipated temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit, then you can choose a sleeping bag that has a comfort rating of about 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.


How do you keep a tent warm without electricity?

If you are finding ways to keep your tent warm without electricity, do not worry if you have no option other than a gas heater. The following is a list of things you can use to warm your tent without using electricity.

Get a portable gas heater – you can either get a radiant heater or a catalytic heater. The most efficient gas heater is the catalytic heater. It does not require electricity and it solely relies on catalytic chemical reactions to split the molecules and produce enough heat. It usually keeps the tent heated for 7 long hours if you are using an only one-pound gas cylinder. The drawback of using a radiant heater is that you have to get enough propane with you to the camp. However, no matter which gas heater you use, read the instructions properly before using it. All gas heater emits some amount of carbon monoxide which is dangerous when inhaled.

Insulate your tent – another way by which you can warm up your tent without using electricity or gas, is by insulating your tent. The best way to insulate your tent is by lining the floor of the tent either by purchasing a tent mat which is made for camping in cold areas by using a piece of carpet that you already have at home. If you can also use a sleeping foam mat. They will keep you and your tent warm during cold camping nights.

Keep Hot Water Bottles – If you want to increase the temperature inside your tent by a couple of degrees, you can do it by placing a few hot water bottles in your sleeping bag. This will add heat to your sleeping bag and will keep you warm for long hours.

Find the right spot to set up your tent – where you place your tent matters a lot! You must avoid camping on a mountainside or a hill or an open field. The best place to place your tent in a field where there are trees, the trees will break the wind and keep your tent warm.

Use hot stones – this is another clever way of insulating your tent without electricity or gas heater. Use the pebbles or stones and place then next to the near the campfire and heat them. If you have an aluminum sheet or baking pan, then place the stones in it and keep it near the tent.


How much warmth does a tent add?

Tents trap some amount of warmth but their main purpose is to protect us from the harsh unpredictable weather conditions. They prevent the wind, snow, and water from entering into the tent. So, the tent does not have the warmth of its own. What will keep you warm is the sleeping bag, which can be used in the coldest of places.

If you want to keep the insides of the tent warm, you will have to zip up all the doors and windows. This will restrict the ventilation and trap the warm air inside the tent.

If you are using a small tent, then there will be less interior volume for you to heat and the small tent will remain warmer when compared to a larger tent. Moreover, tents that have a full pole guide or loop suspension will be warmer than those having a clip suspension mechanism. This is due to the air trapped inside which acts as insulation.


How do you sleep comfortably in a tent?

If you have trouble sleeping comfortably in a tent, the following tips may help you sleep well while camping –

Get a high-quality sleeping bag – choose the right sleeping bag for camping with the correct temperature rating and style. The sleeping bags may be of two types – Car camping bags which are usually wider, providing more room for comfort but less efficient in terms of retention of body heat, the backpacking sleeping bags are almost like mummy-shaped and offers a warmer fit and are usually very light-weighted.

Get comfortable bedding for the tent – Besides the sleeping bag, you will also need sleeping pads, air mattresses, and pillows for camping. Sleeping pads are of various types such as closed-cell foam or self-inflating, etc. Closed-cell foams and air pads are very light weighted and are extremely mobile and portable. Pillows can be taken from your bedroom or if you have air pillows, you can carry those as well. They are good for camping because they do not eat up much of your space. Do not forget to get a tarp, in case it rains and your tent gets wet or damp during the night.

Get Earplugs – Get the noise-canceling earplugs from home or buy new ones if you do not have to help block the noise during night camping. many headphones or earplugs feature nature sounds, the real world or the natural wilderness is not calibrated to a normal volume or it much noisier. There is a lot of noise, especially during night time. And you find it extremely difficult to sleep, especially if you are a beginner at camping. You can download the white noise application on your phone which will help you sleep faster.

Get your sleeping bag warmed up – if you want to make your sleeping bag warm and cozy, place a pot of hot boiling water, and keep it for an hour before going to bed. Place the heat resistant water bottle filled with the boiling water and seal it. A warm sleeping bag will automatically help you fall asleep faster.


What is the most comfortable camping bed?

According to the experts of 2020, the best camping bed is the Aero-Bed Double Flocked Camp Bed which is the best suited for couples and it has an electric pump built-in and even and stable surface. It is known for making the least sound while moving around and it is definitely worth the money spent.

Aerobed Flocked Mattress Camp Bed was the top pick of the year and it is supremely soft, warm, and comfortable. If you are going for wild camping, then you should go for Robens Prima Vapour 60 which is another comfortable camping bed. It is light weighted and funky. It is a 3- season use and it is famous for the comfort it provides. The insulated sleeping bag helps you to protect from the wind and allows you to fall asleep and keeps you warm.


Coleman Comfort Single Air Camping Bed is a comfy sleeping bed and you do not need to pay a fortune to purchase this amazing camping bed. It is not too noisy and it is quite raised from the floor which means that there will be enough area between the floor and you.

Thermarest Neoair Xtherm Inflatable Camp Bed is one of the best sleeping beds if you are hiking. It is extremely lightweight and provides good insulation. Though the price is a bit high compared to other camping beds, it is worth every penny.


Important points to be noted during camping

To enjoy your camping trips, it is advisable that you first practice preparing yourself on how to sleep well when camping. This implies that you will have to think about your personal needs and requirements before you are off to sleep. If you are camping for the first time, you may have a difficult time during the night while forcing yourself to fall asleep.

For your comfort, you may want to keep your belongings close to you such as a headlamp, glasses, water bottle, etc. A glow in the dark candle can come handy if you suddenly need light during the night.

During camping, you must know where you have kept the important items such as your phone, ID, wallet. You may be distracted thinking about where you have put your ID or wallet and this may hamper your sleep.

Do not forget to keep a pair of shoes ready. If suddenly you need to get out at night, you will need to make sure that your shoes are ready in foot position.