What Is s110v Steel?

The s110v is a high-grade alloy martensitic steel product. This tool is super high in Niobium and Vanadium and is mainly used as industrial knives, circular cutters, slitters, wear components, and screw elements for food.

The Chemical Composition Of s110v :

2.8% Carbon: It makes the knife harder and corrosion-resistant. However, the higher concentration of carbon can also result in a lowering of strength.

9% Vanadium: Makes the tool harder and wear-resistant.

2.5% Cobalt: Aids the functioning of other elements.

3% Niobium: Accounts for corrosion resistance and hardness.

15.25% Chromium: It aids edge retention and tensile strength. It also improves the wear and corrosion resistance.

2.25% Molybdenum: For increasing the strength and machinability.

The combination of all these components is very rare to find in steel. This quality makes it very unique and highly sought-after.

Is S110V Steel Stainless?

Yes, it is stainless steel with over 12% chromium concentration in it. Talking about the hardness of s110v, it has a maximum of 63.5 HRC hardness level which makes it perfect as an industrial knife.


The Properties Of S110V Steel

By looking at its chemical composition and hardness factor, s110v offers the following key properties :

Excellent Edge Retention:

First of all, S110V offers superb edge retention because of its higher hardness level. At present, it offers the best edge retention in the market. The main reason behind this is the higher composition of Vanadium which accounts for both, the hardness and the edge retention. Both of these qualities make it super long-lasting.

High Corrosion Resistance:

S110V stainless steel contains about 15% chromium which makes it highly corrosion-resistant. This quality makes it very suitable for working in a wet environment and circumstances.

Great Wear Resistance:

S110V offers excellent wear and tear resistance. This is due to the unique combination of Vanadium, Niobium, and Chromium which makes it highly wear-resistant.


As a matter of fact, the harder steels are tough to sharpen. Similar is the case with s110v. Because it is super hard, sharpening it is going to be a tough task.

Higher Machinability:

Because it is tough steel, s110v is great for grinding and machinability.


It is a steel with high corrosion resistance and hardness which naturally makes it less tough. However, the toughness level is not extremely low, it is decent.

So, these were the properties of s110v in brief. As you can see it offers superb edge retention, great wear resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, great hardness, and decent toughness, all of these properties make it a perfect knife. Despite the lower toughness, it works excellently under different types of environments. It is really great for humid environments such as hunting, fishing, diving, etc. However, if you intend to use it for camping or hiking, it might get broken because of its lower toughness. This is where it loses to S30V which offers higher toughness.

Is S110 Better Than S30V Steel?

Both s110v and s30v are great tools with amazing properties. The answer, which is a better knife depends on the situations they are used in and the heat they’re subjected to. Here is a basic comparison of both knives on the basis of four common criteria :

Edge Retention

S110V: 5/10

S30V: 5/10

Winner: Tie

Ease of Sharpness

S110V: 7/10

S30V: 5/10

Winner: s110v

Toughness Level

S110V: 2/10

S30V: 7/10

Winner: S30V

Corrosion Resistance

S110V: 8/10

S30V: 8/10

Winner: Tie

As you can see from the above data, S30v offers better toughness than s110v which makes it perfect for environments where toughness matters the most such as hiking and camping.

Overall, both knives are great and offer nearly the same properties.

We hope this guide helps you!