There Are Many Types of Camping

Below is a list of the many types of camping, adventure camping, canoe camping, teepee camping, ATV camping, and motorbike camping to mention a few. The many varied camping types will be covered in subsequent articles. For now, though we are covering some of the basic camping types in the USA and other countries. We have also added informative Youtube videos on every type of camping we have written about in this article. Please enjoy and pass them on.

Following is a list of camping types

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  • Adventure Camping
  • Global surf Camping
  • Hammock Camping
  • History Camping
  • Re-Enactment Camping
  • Hike Camping
  • Kayak Camping
  • Canoe Camping
  • Tee Pee Camping
  • Motorcycle Camping
  • Overlanding
  • Primitive Camping
  • Rooftop Camping
  • RV & Van Camping
  • Tent Camping
  • Themed Camping
  • Trailer Camping
  • Ultralight Camping
  • Winter Camping
  • Workamping
  • Yurt Camping
  • Pod Camping
  • Safari Tent Camping
  • Tiny House Camping
  • Container Camping
  • Light House Camping
  • Igloo Camping
  • Ocean Side Camping
  • Beach Camping
  • Outback Camping
  • Rainforest Camping
  • River Camping
  • Sports Camping
  • ATV Camping
  • Paramotor Camping
  • Trail Bike Camping
  • Tree Camping
  • Tree House Camping
  • Airplane Camping
  • Bell Tent Camping
  • Alpine Camping
  • Backyard Camping
  • Bicycle Camping
  • Boat Camping
  • Car Camping
  • Glamping or Glam Camping
  • Dry Camping
  • Wet Camping
  • Bubble Camping
  • Caravan Camping
  • Dome Camping
  • Hut Camping

Camping is Evolving

Just think of how much has changed in the last 30 years. Everyones lives have dramatically shifted from what was an accepted norm for many generations, to what is rapidly and constantly changing. It seems the only constant is rapid change. The internet wasn’t a thing 30 years ago and now, none of us can imagine a world without it (Zoom during Covid-19). Camping has also changed greatly from our parents era. You only needed a station wagon, some supplies and a tent big enough for the whole family back then, that was it. Now however our interest and demands are vastly different and our tastes are evolving. Glamping is a thing. Re-enactment Camping is actually real and Hammock camping…really?

No matter what your choices and preferences are, you can easily choose one as per your need and preferences. Apart from this, camping does not only enable you to get a new experience but it is also a great activity to spend some quality time with your friends and family, even if your camping style is somewhat specialized.

So if you are curious to know about the different types of camping. After completing this article, you will know a little more about camping styles and will be able to decide which camping types are best for you. Now without wasting a single minute, let’s get started.

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1- RV Camping

RV camping is one of the most popular types of camping that is perfect for people who love exploring new places. One great thing about RV camping is that it enables you to carry your toys and other important stuff along with you. Unlike other camping, you don’t need to worry about weather and other external elements, which makes RV camping more comfortable and luxurious. It’s super popular these days and even though it’s one of the most expensive options, it’s still growing fast.

Great Affordable RV Campsites video – In the USA

2- Tent Camping

Tent camping is the most popular type of camping and perfect for new campers. It is great for people who just want to spend some time in solitude. With tent camping, you only need to decide a place, arrange a tent and carry some food and music. It is a very economical camping option, that’s why most people prefer it to spend some quality time with their loved ones. Ir’s also the cheapest option and great for newbie campers.

Great Affordable Tent Campsites video – In the USA

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3- Survival Camping

Survival camping is perfect for people who are inclined toward thrilling and adventure activities. It is not as easy as other camping and only suitable for people who have a decent experience in camping. As the name suggests, survival camping requires high survival skills and proper planning to execute everything properly. The main goal of survival camping is to become self-sufficient for a specific time frame and return

Survivalist Camping Video

4- Kayak Camping

Kayak Camping provides more flexibility and freedom and it is a great option for people who love water-related activities. This type of camping involves traveling through water, which is very interesting as you can easily reach places that are not accessible by hikers on vehicles or foot. You can easily cover longer distances and isolate yourself from social life. Though kayak camping can be dangerous if the weather changes, that’s why it is recommended to prepare properly and have a back-up plan for different situations.

An introduction to Canoe / Kayak Camping Video

5- Car Camping

If you are new to camping and don’t have enough experience, then car camping is the best option for you. The best thing about car camping is that you need to buy additional camping stuff. You can simply take your car and put all the basic necessities in it. However, it’s not the best type of camping but still, if you have just started your camping journey, then you can do it. It will make everything easy for you and you will gain some camping experience.

Car / Camping Video

6- Bicycle Camping

Bicycle camping is a wonderful activity that provides a lot of health benefits. It does not only improve your heart health but it is also eco-friendlily and has a very minimal impact on nature. With bicycle camping, you get more freedom as you can easily access places that you cannot without RV or car camping. Apart from this, you don’t need a lot of resources to plan bicycle camping. A good bike, a tent, and some foods and essentials are enough to have a great time.

Car / Camping Video

7- Glamping

For people who want to have a luxurious camping experience, then glamping is a perfect choice. It involves traveling to different places and staying in glamorous hotels. Glamping accommodations are available in a wide range of options. They are not like the regular tents, you could spend your nights in tree houses, mountaintops or enjoy beautiful landscapes in an eco-lodge.

10 Best Glamping Sites in USA Video

8- Winter Camping

Winter camping is one of the most difficult types of camping and it requires a lot of courage and preparation. However, if you have experience and skills, then there are also some advantages of doing it. For example- winter camping areas are mostly less crowded, so you will get to spend some time in peace and solitude.

Along with this, you can also witness snowfall as well as beautiful snowy landscapes. Winter camping requires extra preparation and you will also have to carry more clothes to keep yourself warm.

Winter Camping Video

9- Adventure Camping

Adventure camping is the best activity for campers who want to challenge their limits and skills. It involves exploring new places as a group while carrying all the necessary tools and items along with you on a backpack. Adventure camping requires physical toughness as well as good survival skills.

The main aim of this activity is to hike mountains, prepare food, find a place to stay, explore wildlife and spend some time in nature. If you want to plan a trip with your friends to make some incredible memories, then you should consider trying adventure camping.

Adventure Travel Camping in the Amazon Video


So these were some different types of camping that every adventure lover must know. If you are you a camping lover then you will know how fun and exciting this activity is. The best thing about camping is that it doesn’t require a lot of things. Camping is not just a normal adventure activity. It allows you to explore new things and create some lifelong memories with your loved ones. Hope this article will clear some of your doubts and give you some valuable information.

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