Snack Camping

When you plan to spend some quality time in the outdoors, make sure you have enough snacks for camping before heading out. From campfire queso to homemade apple chips, there is a solid mix of cook-outdoor and make-ahead options.

In today’s modern world full of phone calls, text messages, and push notifications, a camping trip can do great wonders. It makes your body and mind feel recharged, refreshed, and relaxed. But, such a trip can go far beyond your planned activities and what you eat matters too.

After a long tiring day of canoeing, swimming, or hiking, you and your camping crew should be exhausted. That’s when some tasty snacks need to pass around the campfire! In this article, you will get to know about healthy camping snacks that help you to feel better after an outdoor adventure.

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Eating Healthy While Camping

One of the best things about camping is that you are completely absorbed in natural surroundings. You breathe only the fresh air, immerse yourself in the scenic beauty of the woods, and most importantly there is no building in sight. All the din and bustle of daily life are left behind when you go on camping.

Camping is the only healthy way to reset your spirit and mind. After returning from camping, you would feel replenished. But, if you are munching the cookies you brought from a local store, or potato chips, you are not doing any favors to your body. That’s why it is important to have healthy snacks while you are camping.

You can easily make healthy snacks that are perfect for campsite snacking. The best part of healthy camping snacks is that you don’t have to refrigerate them while you are in the woods. In fact, you don’t even have to pack knives for these delicious foods.

One thing is for sure that healthy eating is not that difficult to grab, no matter where you are. The snacks for camping are healthier, tastier, and these foods give you energy which you need in abundance during your daily activities out in the wild.


Camping Snacks List

When you are planning to spend plenty of time in the outdoors, make sure to have some of the camping snacks around that would satisfy your cravings. Here is the camping snacks list that is both healthier and tastier.

  • Samoa Chex Mix – This crunchy mix has loads of coconut, chocolate, and caramel that makes a perfect sweet campfire snack

  • Apple cookies – The sweet-flavored healthy apple cookies are simply tempting. In addition, they are quite easy to make on the campsite is you don’t like to prepare them beforehand.
  • Crescent dogs – Hot dogs and crescent rolls are the easiest campfire snack anyone could make. Roast over the fire and serve with mustard or ketchup.
  • Campfire Strawberries – Strawberries, melted chocolate, and marshmallow fluff are the ingredients you need to make this healthy snack.
  • Energy bites – Enriched with protein, these delicious snacks takes about 10 minutes to prepare. You need coconut, oats, flaxseed, peanut butter, honey, chocolate chips, and vanilla extract as ingredients.
  • Cheddar-Pecan crisps – If you are not into sweet-flavored snacks, you can try these cheese crackers.
  • Grilled blooming onion – Throw some onions along with cheese, seasoning, and your best-loved sauce into the grill to make a good snack.
  • Campfire cones – Take some sweets of your choice, marshmallows, candy, and wrap them in a foil to make your ‘campfire cones’ in a few minutes.
  • Beef jerky – Downright addictive, chewy, and savoury, beef jerky is what every camper needs.

Camping Snacks to Make Ahead

Take some time to prepare the make-ahead snacks for your most energizing and tastier camping trip yet.

  • Homemade granola bars – This snack can be prepared ahead and wrapped individually for hunger emergencies. All the best things are mixed in a granola bar.
  • Roasted spiced almonds – For a protein boost, these salty and crunchy almonds serve best in camping.
  • Cheesy crackers gluten-free – Store these gluten-free cheesy crackers in a container and toss them in your camping bag.
  • Classic banana bread – Nothings can beat this classic snack. It packs easily and gets better after a few days of baking.
  • No-bake nut and fruit granola bars – These no-bake granola bars are super easy to make and make their way to the campsite.
  • Peach raspberry fruit leather – Instead of taking them fresh, turn them into sweet, tangy, and tart summer candy fruit leather.
  • Chocolate chip cookie – Make a large cookie, slice it before you move to the campsite. Or, transport the entire thing and slice there.
  • Baked beet chips – No need to deep fry the potatoes. Instead, bake a tray of beet chips. Their flavors tunes in naturally with the campsite surroundings.
  • Chocolate chip bar cookie – Normal chocolate chip cookies but in the form of bars. They are crispy and their centers are gooey and thick.
  • Jelly granola and peanut butter – You can’t make jelly sandwiches and peanut butter much in advance. However, this granola is a different story. Pack in your backpack to snack during the daytime or crack them at dusk.
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No-Cook Camping Snacks

Sometimes you need to keep things easy and simple at the campsite. Maybe your camp stove isn’t working or there is a fire restriction in the campsite. Or, maybe you feel like eating a quick delicious snack without doing all the hard work.

No-cook camping snacks are perfect for last-minute adventures, or for anyone who tends to burn everything on the campsite. Here are some of these snacks.

  • Granola – It is one of the few kinds of cereal that doesn’t need milk to eat with them. All you need to do is just grab a handful of this delicious snack.
  • Dried fruit – With fresh fruits, you have to think about bruising and smooshing before packing it. Dried fruits give you the same nutrition with less trouble.
  • Nuts – The high protein content found in nuts gives you the exact amount of energy you need while camping
  • Almond butter – This is a no-brainer snack when it comes to camping. Almond butter is easy to serve and easy to carry around.
  • Apple sauce – The squeezable packets of apple sauce may be best suited for the kids, but for any camper, these can make classic camping snacks.
  • Crackers – There are lots of them, but very few of them will provide you with the benefits of the whole-grain diet. Make a selection of some of the good brands and carry them to your campsite.
  • Kale chips – Yes, you can still have the nutritious leafy green while you are camping outdoors thanks to the kale chips.
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Snacks for Boy Scout Camp

Something magical happens soon as you go on camping. Routine activities are turned into fun-filled adventures when you do those things outdoors. Preparing group camping snacks with a skillet and fire is a rewarding experience.

Camping is a great way to rely on your intelligence to feed yourself. Here are some snacks for the Boy Scout camp that will take you back to your childhood where you spent the summers at the camp.

  • Potato-Sausage foil packs – There is no question that you will love the simplicity of this summer meal. You can have these smoky campfire bundles for dinner.
  • Walking Tacos – These foods are great for campfire dinner, on-the-go meal, or an easy game night supper. This food is considered as one of the best camping party snack ideas.
  • Grilled marinated Ribeyes – The juicy steaks are the most favorable ones for many people when they are on a campsite. Make them sit in the tangy marinade for the entire night and you get a rich dinner set to grill the next day.
  • Cake & berry cobbler – One of the best ways to put an end to a tiresome day of hiking, rafting, swimming, and fishing is to put your hands on this warm cobbler. It tastes good with ice-cream.
  • Granola trail mix – This crunchy snack consists of four ingredients. You can add an additional ingredient such as cookie pieces, mini marshmallows, or corn chips. The taste will vary and you will find them surprising.
  • Scrambled egg bread – Eating bread, ham, and eggs on camping trips are quite popular. When you combine these foods, you can have scrambled egg bread.
  • Bratwurst supper – You may have tried a few Bratwurst recipe, but this specific one is perfect for camping because it can grill to perfection. Loaded with chunks of red potatoes, bratwurst, carrots, and mushrooms, you can season with a little soy sauce and onion soup.
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Solo Camping Meals

Before planning on a solo camping trip, it is important that you have the right kind of solo camping meals, and that includes snacks as well. These will be your choices when you hit the campsite. Hence, be prepared ahead of time. Depending on your physical activity, plan light or heavy breakfasts.

You can take instant oatmeal packets if you are too lazy to cook. Add honey or dried fruits to the oats to make a delicious breakfast. If you are having lots of activities throughout the day, a mix of different kinds of nuts will be great. Nuts and oats are great sources of fiber.

Snacks are important when you feel hungry between meals. Certain veggies or fruits may last for a few days, and they are great for snacking. It is a good idea to keep a bag of trail mix that includes healthy granola recipes along with dried fruits and nuts.

Because you have to do the cooking all by yourself, try to bring foods that don’t require much effort to cook. Veggies, fruits, whole grains are all good if you know how to cook them with fewer efforts. Wraps made with veggies and hummus, nut butter, or tuna are great for lunch.

Dinner can be a good time to show some creativity with cooking while camping. Start a fire, pull out your cooking equipment, and begin exploring some flavor profiles. When you pack different spices to make a flavorful meal, it can add nutritional benefits and improve digestion.

You can try brown rice, corn, beans, and salsa along with Mexican spices for the night. Or else, take white pita bread and make pizzas. Add cheese, sauce, veggie toppings, and toast it over a pan until the cheese melts and it becomes crispy. For dessert, you can roast fruit over the open fire, and then add nuts and honey to it.

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Important Camping Cooking Tips

How you are prepared for cooking outdoors may depend on a few things such as what you intend to make, how long you are staying at the campsite, and what amenities are with you. These are some important factors that you need to look out for. Yet, it doesn’t matter what your cooking adventure has in store for you, here are some essential tips that could be useful to you.

Be prepared with easy to go option – There would be days when the adventures might end up taking a longer time than expected. When you find yourself at the campsite, try not to keep everyone hungry with the type of meals that requires plenty of cooking time. Pre-packaged foods serve the best option during that time. These foods have the required ingredients that fuel your body pretty fast.

Save space with food preparation – While planning for camping, chances are that you have made a list of ingredients and meals you will need. However, make one step further by measuring the number of ingredients and pack those items for every meal together ahead of time. This way, the ingredients will be organized and save precious space.

Make use of cookware efficiently – When you prepare meals, decide what pans and pots you would use to cook your dishes. If a certain kind of meal needs cookware that will have no other use during the trip, consider replacing the recipe for something else. It is recommended to use dutch ovens and cast-iron skillets because of their durability and versatility.


Snacks for camping have to be dead simple. The ingredients should be easy to pack and store. Moreover, it should be simple to cook. A good camping snack provides fuel for the physical activities required for hiking, canoeing, swimming, and another kind of adventurous activities undertaken during outdoor camping trips.

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